The team

The team

The Hydro-Rob project is lead by members of STIC/OSM team (Ocean Sensing and Mapping) of ENSTA Bretagne. OSM team focus on three lines of research:

  • Smart underwater sensors: active acoustics & optical sensors
  • Automation of systems
  • Data processing and modeling for hydrographic and oceanographic applications

The Hydro-Rob project matches the research topics of OSM team as it requires a transdisciplinary approach.

Members of Hydro-Rob Team

Project leaders
  • Thomas Le Mezo
  • Amandine Nicolle
Faculty members
  • Nathalie Debese
  • Benoit Zerr
  • Rodéric Moitié
  • Luc Jaulin
  • Guillaume Sicot
  • Fabrice Le Bars
  • Pierre Bosser
  • Benoit Clément
  • Michel Legris
  • Isabelle Quidu

Research engineers and technical staff

  • Romain Schwab
  • Irène Mopin
  • Pierre Simon

PhD students

  • Simon Rohou
  • Dominique Monnet
  • Gaspard Minster
  • Guilherme Schvarcz Franco